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GREEN AND CULTURAL TOURISM: few places can pride on both at the same time: remarkable heritages but never built specially for the visitor, always authentic and sincere. Treasures of architecture, gastronomy, oral and alive traditions in a sublime, unique natural setting in Europe.

Just imagine!

Only the initiated by a guide can access to the beauties which remained secret until now. During our walks, these treasures will reveal themselves to you and will mark you forever.

The Auvergne is constituted by four administrative departments: from north to south: Allier, Puy de Dôme, Cantal and Haute-Loire.

The specificity of the Cantal:
The department of Cantal offers a wide variety of geological formations. The massif of Cantal is essentially constituted by the remains of the collapsed caldera of a huge volcanic complex of nearly 150 km in diameter, covering an area of almost 570 000 hectares and which reached at least 3000 meters altitude during its zenith. The crater can be easily imagined by reading a map. The radiating structure of the massif and the rivers which flow down from it is characteristic. The extinct volcanoes by occupying the center, and the primary platform, the periphery.

This geologic complexity is at the origin of the variety of the Cantal landscapes, of its architectural and cultural attractions.

The Built Heritage

The Cantal possesses a built heritage of great diversity: during our excursions, you will be seduced by the traditional housing, the Romanesque and Gothic churches, the castles which are witnesses of the history, the bridges and viaducts most striking expressions of the technical progress.

Rural Life and gastronomy

A country of producers showing still living traditions and a gastronomy of character.


Because of its geological history very eventful, Cantal offers varied landscapes, always sublimated by the work of the man.

Music, language

Country of Middle Mountain turned to the south, the resulting sound landscape is a kind of osmosis between the men and their environment.

The inhabitants of Cantal

Take time to meet and discover the inhabitants of the region, the players of Auvergne: artists, craftsmen, business leaders, passionate anyway.


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